Futurekids Announces Sponsorship and Participation in EdNET’s 20th Annual Educational Networking Conference

The Futurekids team announced today that it is joining the country’s premier education executives, policymakers and school administrators as a sponsor of the 20th Annual EdNET Educational Networking Conference to be held in Boston this September.

EdNET’s 2008 conference will focus on improving technology efficiency, sharing best practices and interpreting and forecasting trends in the education environment.

“This will be a stimulating and informative conference, and we are proud to be a sponsor,” said Ms. Dzana Homan, CEO of Futurekids. “Aligning ourselves with EdNET and supporting their 2008 Conference will promote the benchmarking of innovative, value added technology that has had fantastic results in many areas, and will greatly benefit the educational arena.”

Futurekids is a leading provider of extensive educational technology platforms and curricula that provide educators with comprehensive tools and resources to integrate 21st Century skills into everyday teaching and learning.

EdNET is a leading connectivity provider of systems integration and engineering with innovative audio and video network solutions that facilitate wide-area networking applications. Its rapidly expanding global network strategically utilizes extensive relationships with over 700 North American Affiliates and over 175 International Associates to enhance its value-added telecommunications network in the entertainment, advertising, corporate and educational markets.

“It’s imperative that we give our students 21st century skills,” Ms. Homan continued. “The EdNET Conference is one of the igniters of improved learning environments and technology interfacing.”

Other participants in and sponsors of the conference include the American Education Corporation, Texas Instruments, Scholastic Administrator, Dell Inc., Promethean, Pearson, McGraw-Hill Education, SMART Technologies, Educational Systemics and Quality Education Data.

About Futurekids
Futurekids is the premier provider of technology teacher training solutions for schools and universities around the world. Futurekids has a 22-year record of success in technology education. Their core competency is providing technology training as it relates to teaching and learning. They have relationships and achievements with many key educational partners such as Intel, IBM and Dell.  For more information on Futurekids, please visit http://www.futurekids.com.

About EdNET
EdNET provides systems integration and engineering services, application-specific technical advice, audio equipment, proprietary and off-the-shelf codecs, teleconferencing equipment and other products for wide-area networking applications. For more information, please visit www.ednet.net.

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