Futurekids, Inc. partners with Microsoft Corporation to bring innovative educational technology solution to the K-12 marketplace

LONG BEACH, Calif. - (May 8, 2005) - Futurekids, Inc., a leading global provider of education technology solutions for K-12 schools, has announced a new partnership with Microsoft Corp., the global leader in software. Through the partnership, Futurekids will work with Microsoft to provide complete education technology solutions to the K-12 education market. Using Microsoft's suite of products, Futurekids will provide professional development training and curricula to teachers and school administrators, technology planning, assessment , and student technology-integrated curricula.

The relationship will allow Microsoft and Futurekids to work together to deliver best of breed solutions to meet the growing demand for systemic technology solutions within the educational community. "Our relationship with Microsoft allows us to tightly align our products and services to the global leader in software solutions. Our customers will now be able to receive the truly integrated end-to-end solution," says Jay Williams, Vice President of Business Development of Futurekids.

"Futurekids' new partnership with Microsoft will expand the audience of teachers and school administrators who are experiencing the unique Futurekids approach to professional development and proven student curricula. Futurekids products and services will now be aligned with Microsoft's exceptional productivity tools. "This partnership is a natural step in assuring that clients both invest in the best software tools and are able to align them with the latest requirements of the educational community and the federal and local government funding sources," states Dzana Homan, President and COO of Futurekids Inc.

Greg Butler, Manager of the Educator and Student Development Group at Microsoft, comments that "Microsoft knows the importance of professional development to technology success in schools. Having companies such as Futurekids as members of our Professional Development Alliance provides access to high quality learning experiences for teachers and administrators, allowing them to gain maximum benefit from their technology investments."

The partnership with Microsoft directly enhances Futurekids' core mission of improving the learning process through the use of technology. Over the next year, Futurekids will develop new technology curriculum and training programs for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system as well as for the Microsoft Pocket PC platform.

Futurekids and Microsoft have begun teaming up around the world. As a global leader in education technology professional development, Microsoft has begun working with local Futurekids organizations as part of the Partners in Learning Project initiative.

In Argentina, Futurekids is helping Microsoft design and deploy technology infused curricula for k-12 teachers throughout the country. Futurekids is establishing a Professional Development Solution aligned with the Argentinean Partners in Learning online learning environment.

Throughout Ecuador, Futurekids will be working with Microsoft to train teachers on Microsoft Office applications. The goal is to enable teacher integrate Microsoft technology into their class rooms base on grade and subject taught.

In Turkey, Futurekids has been working with Microsoft for over 10 years as the authorized education reseller for the Turkish market. Based on the Partners in Learning initiative, Futurekids will be working with Microsoft on the Professional Development program to train over 40,000 teachers throughout Turkey.

About Futurekids
Futurekids, Inc., was founded in 1983 in response to the public’s need for basic computer skills training. It began franchising computer-learning centers globally in 1989 and soon grew to address the needs of technology training in the world’s schools. In 1994, Futurekids launched School Technology Solutions, aimed at meeting the specific technology needs, interests, and goals of K-12 education. In 1999, Futurekids was acquired by Bob and Jan Davidson, pioneers in multimedia education and founders of the educational software company Davidson & Associates, which they sold to Cendant Corp. in 1996.  For more information about Futurekids, visit http://www.futurekids.com/

About Microsoft
Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a range of software products, including scalable operating systems, server applications, worker productivity applications and software development tools. Microsoft is the global leader in productivity software and solutions.

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