St. Michael’s School Extends Real Journeys in Technology Curriculum From Futurekids

Futurekids announced today that St. Michael’s School in Poway, Calif. has extended use of its Real Journeys in Technology curriculum to its K-8 classrooms for a 10th consecutive year. Real Journeys in Technology is built around a scope and sequence of 500 learning objectives in 10 key technology areas, and meets or exceeds state and ISTE NETS standards. Its full-year curriculum contains 35 interactive project-based, adventure-themed lessons.

“It’s our 10th year with the curriculum, and we’re doing more with it than ever,” commented Computer Teacher Maureen Hetzel of St. Michael’s School. “Last year, we did our yearbook on computer templates, and this year we’re doing everything but the printing online, including creating our own custom templates.”

“Every year we make it a point to ask our students entering high school if they’ve got the necessary technology skills, and they always answer with a great big ‘yes,’” she added. “The nice thing about the Futurekids curriculum is that we start our students in kindergarten and, by the time they reach eighth grade, they’ve got technology skills for life. They’re doing Internet research, PowerPoint presentations, computer artwork, spreadsheets and layouts. They love it!”

Dzana Homan, CEO of Futurekids, said the continued partnership with St. Michael’s School follows a national trend in technology education.

“St. Michael’s School was one of the first private schools that saw the value of this curriculum, and their students are reaping the benefits,” states Ms. Homan. “The fact that they chose our curriculum through every grade level starting with kindergarten shows their commitment to providing their students with 21st century technology skills.”

Using projects that are linked with language arts, social studies, math and science content, Real Journeys in Technology promotes active student learning for the 21st century classroom. Areas covered include operating environments, databases, word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, Internet, multimedia, programming, desktop publishing and applied technology.

Real Journeys in Technology utilizes such software as Scholastic Keys, Print Artist Gold, and Storybook Weaver Deluxe for the K-2 levels and Microsoft Office for 3-8 grades. Each kit contains a comprehensive Teacher Guide, 25 Student Workbooks and a CD-ROM containing electronic templates, samples and handouts.

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St. Michael’s School is a K-8 Catholic school in Poway, Calif. dedicated to providing an education that helps develop its students’ character from a spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual and physical standpoint. Its 540 students embrace their Catholic faith in an educational setting of compassion, justice, charity and service. For more information, please visit

About Futurekids
Futurekids is the premier provider of technology teacher training solutions for schools and universities around the world. Futurekids has a 22-year record of success in technology education. Their core competency is providing technology training as it relates to teaching and learning. They have relationships and achievements with many key educational partners such as Intel, IBM and Dell.  For more information on Futurekids, please visit

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