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Future Kids NYC Prometheus Technology
Futurekids 5 Step Process gives schools the knowledge and tools to effectively integrate education technology into all levels of the educational process.
Prometheus Technology
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  Prometheus Technology 5 Step Process
  Futurekids 5 Step Process gives schools the knowledge and tools to effectively integrate education technology into all levels of the educational process. This proven methodology will enable your school to increase overall student performance, streamline administrative operations, heighten teachers' technology proficiency, and facilitate parental involvement. Futurekids understands the value of working hand-and-hand, therefore we make sure that your team is engaged throughout the entire process.
Prometheus Technology 5 Step Process
 Phase   Description
Assessment   Working closely with your technology coordinator the Futurekids Mentor Team will complete a comprehensive assessment of your school's technology infrastructure (Connectivity, Hardware, Software), technology literacy of students, teachers, and administrators, and assessment of learning goals, and your school's educational mission.
Planning   Based on your assessment results and an ongoing dialogue with your technology success team, your Futurekids Mentors will formulate a customized technology plan.
Training   The leader of your technology team will participate in a personalized weeklong training symposium. During the training, your school's representative will gain the knowledge and all tools and curricula required to successfully carry out your school's new technology plan.
Implementation   Through collaboration and support with our Mentors, your school's technology coordinator will drive a successful implementation of your new technology plan. During the process, your school will receive access to Futurekids' extensive knowledgebase that has been developed over the past 19 years, while working with thousands of schools around the world.
Reporting   At the end of each school year, your Futurekids team will assess your level of success and correlate the results to the initial technology plan benchmarks. The results of the year-end assessment will allow Futurekids to reevaluate the technology plan benchmarks.
  We know how to artfully manage the transformation from low tech to high tech. And our sleeves-rolled experience equips us to match the unique needs of schools and school systems to the specific solution that will work best. We design for the here and now, but we plan for the long-term. Our solution will continue to deliver results - improved student achievement - and will consistently provide much valued return on investment.
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