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Future Kids NYC Mind Lab
The Mind Lab Group was founded in 1994. Its activities are centered on the Mind Lab method, a unique approach for the development and training of thinking abilities and life skills through thinking games.
Mind Lab
The Method
  The Mind Lab Method and Linguistic Skills

As part of a joint research project carried out in 2004, between the Mind Lab Group and Yale University, the following hypothesis was tested: The study of Mind Lab strategies and thinking concepts improves the student's "language of thinking".

At the start of the process, the student's language of thinking was measured by using a long list of thinking concepts. The students were required to choose the most suitable definition to concepts such as: decision, goal, planning, problem, process. The research group (which was deliberately comprised of students whose learning level had been described as weak) took part in a weekly lesson on the Mind Lab method for a three-month period. Conversely, the control group was exposed to the same thinking games but did not participate in a reflective post-game discussion, which is an imperative part of the Mind Lab method.

At the end of the three months, the "thinking language" of the students in both groups was measured again while using the list of thinking concepts employed in the first test. The results astounded the headmistress of the school in which the research was conducted. "As a result of these findings, I have decided to include the Mind Lab lessons into the curriculum of all the classes in my school."

The three main conclusions of this research project are:

1. The learning of Mind Lab strategic and thinking concepts enriches and embellishes the student's "language of thinking" and considerably enhances their language and articulation skills.

2. Those students who just indulged in the playing of thinking games tended to improve their language of thinking, but to a lesser degree than those students who took part in the Mind Lab post-game reflective discussion.

3. The Mind Lab method is especially effective amongst those students whose formal learning level is described as weak. Professor Don Green of Yale University metaphorically related to the Mind Lab method as one that uncovers rough diamonds and then polishes them up.

"On the basis of these results, I strongly urge the continuation and development of this line of experiments. The question of how to improve strategic reasoning abilities has nothing but escaped rigorous scientific attention, and this research project promises to make important and useful contributions to knowledge."
Professor Donald Green
Yale University
Supplementary research projects, that build on and reinforce these results, are currently being carried out. Provisional results suggest a strong and positive influence that the Mind Lab method exerts on the students performance levels in general and in the field of mathematics and language articulation in particular. Additional research projects are planned for the coming years in an effort to study, evaluate and strengthen the Mind Lab method.
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