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Future Kids NYC Mind Lab
The Mind Lab Group was founded in 1994. Its activities are centered on the Mind Lab method, a unique approach for the development and training of thinking abilities and life skills through thinking games.
Mind Lab
The Method
  The Method
  The Mind Lab method is a systemic educational program for the development of thinking abilities and life skills.
  The Mind Lab method is based on the concept that the most effective way to learn is through an immediate and authentic experience that leaves the students motivated to learn more. Game playing is the perfect example of such an experience - it is entertaining, engaging and exciting, and therefore inspires passionate eagerness. No less important is the fact that the game experience provides training for real life situations. Plato best articulated the Mind Lab Group's educational philosophy with his words:
  "Not by force shall the children learn, but through play."
The Four Goals
Developing Self Awareness, Imparting Thinking Skills, Strengthening Life Skills, Interdisciplinary Transference
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Theoretical Base
The Mind Lab method rests on solid theoretical foundations and draws from the ideas and studies of several prominent modern scholars and researchers, including;
The philosopher John Dewey, who already at the start of the 20th century, recognized the urgent need to transform education into a more democratic practice. In his "Constructivistic Theory," Dewey claimed that the child must be placed at the center of the learning process, and be allowed to learn from experience and not just from theoretical and academic resources.
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Our Methodology
The Mind Lab learning process is simple and yet extremely powerful.
The process begins with students indulging in game playing, which ultimately empowers them with skills and knowledge relevant to real life situations. The Mind Lab method is the bridge that connects the World of Games with Real Life World.
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In-Action Gallery
To view our gallery click the link below
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"Not by force shall the children learn, but through play."
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