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Future Kids NYC Mind Lab
The Mind Lab Group was founded in 1994. Its activities are centered on the Mind Lab method, a unique approach for the development and training of thinking abilities and life skills through thinking games.
Mind Lab
The Method
  Theoretical Base

The Mind Lab method rests on solid theoretical foundations and draws from the ideas and studies of several prominent modern scholars and researchers, including;

The philosopher John Dewey, who already at the start of the 20th century, recognized the urgent need to transform education into a more democratic practice. In his "Constructivistic Theory," Dewey claimed that the child must be placed at the center of the learning process, and be allowed to learn from experience and not just from theoretical and academic resources. He viewed games as an excellent educational tool for achieving this goal;

Professor Reuven Feuerstein, who pioneered the popular educational method "Instrumental Enrichment," and the crucial concept of "Mediated Learning." , stresses the central role of teaching thinking processes (as opposed to the teaching of content) with the aid of a mediating environment, a concept that has been espoused and applied by the Mind Lab Group;

Professor Howard Gardner who developed the "Multiple Intelligence" theory. The theory portrays the great variance existing between all of our own personal talents and learning styles-and as a result of which, the flexible teaching styles that should be applied in order to effectively teach each and every individual;

Professor David Perkins, who in his work stressed the need for teaching thinking processes and who particularly emphasized processes connected to understanding and transference is central to the Mind Lab group's philosophy;

Professor Robert Sternberg, whose studies have examined the idea of "Successful Intelligences" - those actual expressions and applications of intelligence in real life situations (as opposed to standard intelligence tests) resonates the Mind Lab use of school, personal student social life and news events as catalysts for linking game insites to real life.

From John Dewey's "Democracy and Education" (1916):

"Experience has shown that when children have a chance at physical activities which bring their natural impulses into play, going to school is a joy, management is less of a burden, and learning is easier. Sometimes, perhaps, plays, games, and constructive occupations are resorted to only for these reasons, with emphasis upon relief from the tedium and strain of "regular" schoolwork. There is no reason, however, for using them merely as agreeable diversions. Study of mental life has made evident the fundamental worth of native tendencies to explore, to manipulate tools and materials, to construct, to give expression to joyous emotion, etc. When exercises which are prompted by these instincts are a part of the regular school program, the whole student is engaged, the artificial gap between life in school and out is reduced, motives are afforded for attention to a large variety of materials and processes distinctly educative in effect, and cooperative associations which give information in a social setting are provided. In short, the grounds for assigning to play and active work a definite place in the curriculum are intellectual and social, not matters of temporary expediency and momentary agreeableness."

"In short, the grounds for assigning to play and active work a definite place in the curriculum are intellectual and social, not matters of temporary expediency and momentary agreeableness"
John Dewey
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