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Future Kids NYC Mind Lab
The Mind Lab Group was founded in 1994. Its activities are centered on the Mind Lab method, a unique approach for the development and training of thinking abilities and life skills through thinking games.
Mind Lab
The Method
  The Four Goals
Developing Self Awareness
Awareness of thinking processes is essential for personal enhancement in every walk of life. The Mind Lab method stresses the need for reflective and cognizant thinking, which assesses thinking processes and enables students to constantly progress.
Imparting Thinking Skills
In our information-rich age, an ever-increasing emphasis is being placed on the importance of  basic thinking skills. The Mind Lab method provides a broad range of skills: problem solving strategies, decision-making models, research processes, information and data management, logical and mathematical thinking, verbal and communication skills, and more.
Strengthening Life Skills
The game experience is an extraordinary simulative tool for the development of emotional and social intelligence. It obligates players to deal with situations involving cooperation and competition, winning and losing, success and failure, and it reinforces our ability to effectively manage and control our emotions, to defer gratification and to enhance our determination, persistence and self-discipline.
Interdisciplinary Transference
The ability to perform interdisciplinary transference is considered by many researchers to be one of the most important forms of learning today. Mind Lab's unique teaching method establishes an organizing base for many aspects of our lives. Through this method, students develop the ability to identify links between different fields of human thinking and activity, and consequently enables them to project and transfer this knowledge and then apply it to other fields.
  The Four Goals:

1) Developing Self Awareness

2) Imparting Thinking Skills

3) Strengthening Life Skills

4) Interdisciplinary Transference
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