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Future Kids NYC Learning Center
At our learning center Our students, regardless of the learning environment, receive hands-on instruction at the computer and are grouped into small classes to ensure a high level of personalized attention.
FUTUREKIDS students will thrive in the technologically-driven workplace of today.
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  Mind Lab© - Thinking Games Laboratory
Mind Lab© camps are for children 5 to 14 years old. These exciting camps introduce children to numerous hands-on, computer based, interactive games and accessories while providing activity pattern feedback which can improve thinking skills, enhance awareness to various processes, and help the student cope better with his/her emotional world. Experiencing an enjoyable and gripping game can carry each student into far reaching levels of thinking and understanding.
Unique multi-solution games are explores individually or with several friends. Each child is challenged and coached to take the game to new levels of play and excitement with help of the computer and each other.
  Mind Lab© has a comprehensive methodology that enables the student to improve on skills such as problem solving, decision making, mathematical thinking, memory retention, investigative skills and cooperation.
The aim of the Mind Lab© is to facilitate the scientific and logical thinking development of the student in evaluating and exploring thinking processes using both inductive and deductive reasoning. The student then can employ the tools acquired for not only dealing with school projects, but also with life itself. Mind Labs© embody all six key methodological essentials.
  • The acquiring of thinking skills
  • The strengthening of life skills
  • Learning transference models
  • Developing awareness to thinking processes
  • Putting the learner at the center of all learning activities
  • Interdisciplinary transference
Sample Subjects
  • Decision Making
  • Logical Thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Planning and execution
  • Spatial thinking
  • Grouping and sequencing
  • Social cooperation
  • Mathematical thinking
  • Memory training
  • Research methods
  • Scientific thinking
  • Communication processes
  Mind Olympics
    TheMind Lab Vision for Summer Camp (Brochure)
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