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Founded in 1983, FUTUREKIDS began with a focus on computer literacy for children and teachers around the world, first in learning centers and now in schools. Today, FUTUREKIDS is a global leader in helping schools use technology to transform.........
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Futurekids School Assessment and Planning tools enable schools to accurately determine the technology skills of their teachers and students, the strengths and weaknesses of their technology plan, and the limitations and possibilities of their technology infrastructure.

The Assessment Measures

  • Technology literacy of teachers and their knowledge of how technology can be used in the classroom
  • Technology literacy of a sample of students and their knowledge of how technology can be used in the world
  • Technology infrastructure of the school

The School Receives

  • A report of the data collected from the Teacher Competency Exams with recommendations for improvement.
  • A report of the data collected from the Student Competency Exams with recommendations for improvement.
  • A report on the school's technology infrastructure with recommendations for improvement
  • A comparison of test results with other schools and districts in the country
  • A consultancy review of the schools / districts technology plan

iAssessment - Categories

Basic Concepts/Skills

  • Mousing Skills
  • Graphical User Interface Skills
  • File Management/Operating System
  • Setup and Basic Troubleshooting
  • Printing Skills

Classroom / Personal Productivity Skills

  • Classroom Management Skills
  • Word Processing Skills
  • Graphics Skills
  • Spreadsheet Skills
  • Database Skills
  • Presentation Skills

Classroom Instruction Skills

  • Planning and Managing Classroom Use
  • Classroom Presentation/Delivery Skills
  • Facilitating Student Use
  • Student Product Facilitation Skills
  • Student Technology Integration Opportunities

Communication / Information Skills

  • Ethical Use of Intellectual Property
  • Communication Skills
  • Query Construction Skills
  • Information Evaluation and Use Skills
  • File Sharing and Publishing/Presentation Skills

Integration of Technology into the Curriculum

  • Knowledge Base
  • Instructional Planning & Instructional Practice
  • Instructional Technology Tools
  • Assessment and Evaluation

Leadership - Technology Implementation Skills

  • Technology Support & Maintenance
  • Local/Wide Area Computer Network
  • Hardware/Software Standards
  • Policies and Procedures

Leadership - as Educators

  • Committee Involvement
  • Collaborative Interaction
  • Instructional Planning
  • Professional Development

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  Individualized Learning Plans

Teachers, Administrators, Technology Coordinators/Directors and Students can design their own Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and actively participate in the development and management of their own professional learning. Based on current proficiency levels, educators and students can choose the target proficiency level in different categories they wish to attain. Participants can also view resources available to them in their school or district, to help reach their desired target levels. Additionally, ILPs can be then be sent via email to technology coordinators, mentors, or school leaders for on-going coaching and accountability.

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  Futurekids Products
The Futurekids education technology solution empowers educators, students, and administrators to be proficient with education as a learning, instruction, administrative and communication tool resulting in better learning outcomes and improved return on investment. Our curriculum products can be combined with select services to bring you a solution customized to your needs. Please click on our products below for more information.
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