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Future Kids NYC Ripple Effects
Ripple Effects develops, supports and continually tests an integrated set of technology-oriented products to reduce injury, increase academic success, and strengthen pro-social behavior among children and the adults who work with them.
Ripple Effects
Relate for Kids
Relate for Teens
Three Tiered Behavioral Support
Teaching Coach
Pre-Referral Interventions
  Adaptation and Customization

Ripple Effects software programs can be used as curricula for systematic, positive behavioral training inmany of areas: social-emotional skill building, suspension alternatives, character education, violence prevention, substance abuse prevention, health education, diversity appreciation, pregnancy prevention, AIDS/HIV awareness, bullying, and more. The spine of each program is the seven key social-emotional skills identified through research as crucial to life success. Ripple Effects has broken these skills down into bite-size, learnable elements, and combined them in different ways to solve a range of behavioral, health, and social challenges.

Customizable to meet range of needs and constraints:

The programs have from 134 to 390+ individual topics, listed A-Z in a mock cell phone. Each topic takes from 15 to 20 minutes to cover, since there are nine different learning strategies used to address each one, including built-in, interactive assessment tools. The topics are like pieces of a Lego™ set: they can be combined in different ways to build a customized scope and sequence to meet individual needs and constraints. Some programs are a complete set, like Ripple Effects for Teens, with 390+ unique topics, or Ripple Effects for Kids, with 145 topics or Coach for Staff, with 134 topics.

You can combine them to fit a range of time constraints: one topic a day for fifteen minutes over six weeks, two per day for one hour a week over a semester, four in a single two hour session, etc. If you used Ripple Effects as a violence prevention curriculum, and covered every violence prevention topic in Ripple Effects for Teens, you'd have enough material for one lesson a week for the entire year, or about 20 contact hours. Or, you could customize a Ripple Effects violence prevention program targeted to local issues, and cover that in a shorter time. Tobacco cessation would take about 5 contact hours, distributed in whatever way works for a given learning setting.

In a program to reduce aggression at The School of the Future in New York, teachers directed students to cover 24 topics, twice a week, on their own time, over 12 weeks, and checked students progress reports to verify topic completion. The result- summer school referrals dropped almost in half!

Explore it yourself

See what topics are covered in Ripple Effects for Teens, Ripple Effects for Kids and Teaching Coach.To see what learning options are offered for each topic area, take a look at Ripple Effects' Whole Spectrum Learning System.

For a full online walkthrough of any program, send us an e-mail to request access. Or, request a CD overview-the best way to get a sense of the programs.

"It has real substance. It ought to be in schools."

Ramon Cortines, Former Chancellor, New York City Schools, Former Superintendent, San Jose and San Francisco School Districts

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