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Future Kids NYC Ripple Effects
Ripple Effects develops, supports and continually tests an integrated set of technology-oriented products to reduce injury, increase academic success, and strengthen pro-social behavior among children and the adults who work with them.
Ripple Effects
Relate for Kids
Relate for Teens
Three Tiered Behavioral Support
Teaching Coach
Pre-Referral Interventions
  Ripple Effects for RTI / Pre-referral Interventions
  Ripple Effects for Kids and Ripple Effects for Teens computer-based student behavioral training applications can help you address over-representation of minorities in special education. The programs provide a range of evidence-based assessments and comprehensive interventions for implementation in mainstream and alternative settings. Staff in all settings can use the programs to discern between learning differences and learning disabilities and improve discipline and academic outcomes before unnecessary referrals. Monitoring and reporting features support RTI and enable adult facilitators to monitor each student's progress and report to parents with a minimum of fuss.
  The software helps students succeed by:
    Providing research-validated and comprehensive positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS)
    Easily delivering individualized/differentiated interventions to change behavior, build resilience, social and emotional competency, and connection to the community
    Ensuring fidelity to proven effective cognitive-behavioral training methods
    training to each student's learning strengths
    monitoring student progress – reducing paperwork
  Since discipline issues account for up to 80% of special education referrals, by reducing discipline referrals, Ripple Effects enables you to help kids succeed, make sure students with special needs are identified and well served, and meet federal mandates to reduce disproportionate representation via early intervening services.
  Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports with Ripple Effects
  Ripple Effects software is a resource for positive youth development as well as targeted intervention with individual students in a variety of learning and health settings. The programs are evidence-based research validated and support implementation of the three levels of PBIS:
  Primary - Class room / School-wide
  Secondary - Small group targeted intervention
  Tertiary - Specialized, Individualized interventions.
  See Video on district-wide secondary and tertiary intervention outcomes.
  See Video on targeted intervention outcomes in a middle school
  Using the program in a PBIS setting is straightforward with the 4 steps below.
  Identify a student strength that can be a foundation for growth The simplest way to do this is to have each student complete the self-profile under the "learning styles" topic. For students, understanding how they learn most easily is a first step in recognizing how they can be successful learners. You can also have them complete the tutorial entitled "strengths"
  Direct them to the behavior being promoted (primary) OR the issue that has caused disciplinary action(secondary, tertiary). The topic lists include more than a hundred behavioral infractions recognized at most school districts (from talking back to cheating, fighting, hate crimes, etc.) It also includes health and mental health issues that students face from anxiety and social isolation to obesity, to talking too much. The multi-media tutorial for each topic automatically leads students to training in social-emotional competencies that are correlated with changing the problematic behavior.
  Have them seek out an underlying reason. Students exhibit the same problem behavior for a variety of different reasons. In most cases, you can’t know what the underlying reason is. Neither guessing nor interrogating students about personal issues is a productive way to find out. Instead, ask students to scroll down the topic list to find something that interests them, or (for older students) that they think could be connected to the underlying reason for the problem. Trust their instincts to find what they need. In many cases, after using the program in private, students will disclose the underlying problem to a trusting adult. Meanwhile, don’t hover or over direct.
  End with asset building – training in key social-emotional abilities. These are organized into seven categories: self-understanding, assertiveness, empathy, connection to community, impulse control, management of feeling, and decision-making. Either you or the student may choose where to start. In either case, present it as a process of empowerment, not punishment.
  The combined elementary and teen products have more than 525 inter-linking tutorials that address social, emotional, behavioral and academic issues that can interfere with school and life success.
  The software uses Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Learning System to provide research-based, cognitive, behavioral and affective strategies in engaging formats.
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