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Future Kids NYC Literacy Curriculum
The thrust of this curriculum is to immediately, enrapture, enthrall and engage the participant adult family members in the ease with which they can become active readers to and with their children and neighborhood youth. Beyond that explicit family literacy goal, the aim of this experience is to enroll the participants into the circle of active readers and writers.
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  Joining The Circle Of Family
  This two hour parent/child workshop will involve the family members in using read aloud, interactive reading, and shared family emergent writing activities inspired by different books.
  In addition, use of these books will help the Inwood parents raise their own and their children’s self-esteem and self awareness. Therefore this workshop fosters literacy and social and emotional learning (mental health-Goleman emotional intelligences).
  Participants will explore the ways in which the use of Author’s works plus examining the Author’s Internet site can introduce parents to easily downloadable activities that promote basic mathematics readiness, directionality, shared writing, and picture walk literacy.
  Through the use of author resources as part of shared family reading and recreation, families, parents, relatives and children can have the pleasure of using book centered activities developed by the author. Families can also integrate the use of the Internet and its online texts as another form of shared reading or read aloud to and with their children.
  Using the model reproducible activities available on the site, parents and children can enhance their picture walk, book topic and shared family conversations capacities.
  Technology Foci: Desktop publishing, Word Processing, Multimedia –Use of Storybook Weaver, Kid Pix, Internet Search and Author Sites
  • To engage and involve the families and their children in using accessible, free author sites online as a means of exploring, enhancing, and expanding picture walk, self concept, self esteem, following instructions, shared writing, self concept, and counting skills introduced in the Curtis books.
  • To support families and children in making the technology literacy connection from print to multimedia software products through creation of shared family products inspired by Curtis books.
  • To help parents and children in enhancing mathematics readiness, visual literacy, and functional literacy (diagram skills) through use of story inspired materials.
  • To assist families and children in identifying meaningful self concept, family identity, and self esteem building projects inspired by Curtis, an author whose key topic is mental health.
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