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Future Kids NYC Literacy Curriculum
The thrust of this curriculum is to immediately, enrapture, enthrall and engage the participant adult family members in the ease with which they can become active readers to and with their children and neighborhood youth. Beyond that explicit family literacy goal, the aim of this experience is to enroll the participants into the circle of active readers and writers.
Literacy Curriculum
Teach Balanced Literacy To Go
Joining The Circle Of Family
Mind Olympics Course
Family Ties That Bind
GED Prep Course
  Mind Olympics Course
  The curriculum also consisted of the Mind Lab – Thinking Games training and The Mind Olympics – Competition. Students learned the rules, aims, and strategies of each game and how to relate those strategies to real life situations. In addition, students in different boroughs competed in The Mind Lab Olympics.
  • Stop Light Method / Analyzing the Surrounding and Making Decisions
  • Migrating Bird Method / Cooperation
  • Mirrors Method / Self Awareness
  • Detective Method / Problem Solving
  • Mind Lab Olympics Borough Competition & Award Given Ceremony
  • To pre-assess participant perspectives on the efficacy of board game play for enhancing “smarts” and general content knowledge
  • To begin to explore the rituals, routines and habits of successful game play
  • To start to transfer understandings, themes, opportunities and experiences from the game play into application for real life consequences
  • To integrate journal writing, discussion, informational and document study into board game play
  • To infuse family, character education and cultural values into the program
  Mind Olympics Course
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