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Future Kids NYC Student Curriculum
Futurekids Student Curriculum will enable students to become proficient in the latest software technology for better learning. Please browse through our current curriculum offerings.
Student Curriculum
Real Journey in Tecnology
Classroom Currents
Open Box Training
High School Curriculum
  Classroom Currents Language Art
  For more visit: www.classroomcurrents.com
  The Classroom Currents projects promote active learning of core language arts skills, including:
    grammar and mechanics
    style and usage
    reading comprehension
    the writing process
    istening and speaking skills
    critical thinking skills
  These language skills are integrated with Microsoft Office or AppleWorks applications, the software that is already on your computers. Students learn to apply their knowledge through key technology tools:
    word processing
    desktop publishing
    multimedia presentations
    spreadsheets and databases
    internet use and web page creation
  To ease implementation, the projects are designed to supplement your existing textbooks and lesson plans; you don't have to start from scratch in order to integrate education technology and to stimulate effective language learning.
  Classroom Currents Language Arts is designed in color-coded units for both PC and Mac users, allowing you to choose the level that is appropriate for your students. Because students learn in diverse ways, the color-coded units allow you to use multiple levels in a single classroom or across the grade.
  Each Grade Pack includes:
    1 Teacher Guide, including a Technology Reference Guide
    25 Student Workbooks, each with its own Technology Reference Guide
    2 CDs with electronic templates and samples for each lesson
    online standards correlation guides matching each lesson with your state's language arts standards
  For more info visit www.classroomcurrents.com or contact us
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The Futurekids education technology solution empowers educators, students, and administrators to be proficient with education as a learning, instruction, administrative and communication tool resulting in better learning outcomes and improved return on investment. Our curriculum products can be combined with select services to bring you a solution customized to your needs. Please click on our products below for more information.
  Student Technology Curriculum
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