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Futurekids online provides an online gateway with lesson planning tool idael integration education technology into classroom study and activity. Also through the gateway, teachres and students can use internet tools to collaborate and communicate with classrooms worldwide. The tools and resources available to educators and students through the gateway are practically limitless in number.
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Futurekids Student WorkSpace contains a collection of digital resources to support lesson building and to assist students’ learning from, technology-rich, task-based lesson plans. The Lesson Builder utilizes an interactive template to simplify the development process. It serves as a disciplined guide for structuring classroom activities. The standard Lesson Builder template can be readily modified by Futurekids to meet the specific needs of your learning community. In addition, the Lesson Builder is completely integrated with the Standards Manager, Unit Builder, and the District's Curriculum.

Student's WorkSpace includes the following areas:

The Rubric Wizard
The Rubric Wizard facilitates the easy creation of customized performance-based assessment rubrics to evaluate student performance. Educators choose criteria from a menu of exemplary rubrics, or create their own, and then add and edit the text to reflect the achievements of their specific learning communities.

Online Mentoring
Futurekids Online Mentoring facilitates on-going mentoring by providing an environment through which a mentor can directly support program participants anytime and anyplace. Participants create lessons, units, and electronic portfolios and submit them to their mentor for feedback. This process assists mentors in organizing tasks and enhances the review process.

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