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Futurekids online provides an online gateway with lesson planning tool idael integration education technology into classroom study and activity. Also through the gateway, teachres and students can use internet tools to collaborate and communicate with classrooms worldwide. The tools and resources available to educators and students through the gateway are practically limitless in number.
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It is impossible to know where one stands without first knowing where one started. Futurekids assesses the technology proficiency of teachers, administrators and students at the beginning of our engagement as well as throughout the solution’s phased steps. Of course, the goal is to see that our client’s technology investment is fully realized, that technology’s full promise for improving student learning is met. To that end, pre and post assessments are mapped to ISTE/NET standards for all participants.

Our technology assessment programs are the result of years of research and validation by two recognized leaders in the field of educational technology - Cambridge University and Boise State University.

Online assessment and individualized learning plan tools streamline and simplify the process. Once stakeholders have reviewed and evaluated their progress at each phase of the plan, adjustments can be made - the plan tweaked - to ensure continued optimal results. Ultimately, student performance reigns as the dominant driver in articulating objectives and delineating the means to accomplishing them.

Futurekids Technology Assessment and Learning Plans are available through Futurekids Online Gateway.  To learn more about how the Futurekids Assessment and Planning tools can benefit you,   Click Here >>

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