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Future Kids NYC Ripple Effects
Ripple Effects develops, supports and continually tests an integrated set of technology-oriented products to reduce injury, increase academic success, and strengthen pro-social behavior among children and the adults who work with them.
Ripple Effects
Relate for Kids
Relate for Teens
Three Tiered Behavioral Support
Teaching Coach
Pre-Referral Interventions
  Ripple Effects for Staff
Scope and Sequences for Module III:
57 Tutorials (14 contact hours)

Making your program work

Prepare the way
   Engage stakeholders
   Get buy-in
   Hold a vision
   Set the climate
   Provide training
   Create a plan
   Match to other programs
   Adapt with fidelity
   Use in context
      Advisory period
      Academic achievement
      After school
   Infuse into curriculum
      Language arts
      Social studies
   Decide dosage
   Customize scope & sequence
   Individual education plan

Implement effectively
   Use teachable moments
   Lead discussion
   Direct rehearsal
   Ensure compliance
   Handle disclosure

Measure results
   Collect data
      Content assessment

Scale and sustain
   Leverage technology
   Ripple Effects software
      Learning system
      Research base
      Screen layout
      Privacy issues
      Administrative functions
      Monitoring progress
      Customizing content
      Using web resources
      Solving tech problems

Module I: Strengthening Your Leadership: 48 tutorials/12 contact hours. Personal transformation through mastery of key social-emotional abilities. See the Scope and Sequence.

Module II: Managing Diverse Learners: 29 tutorials/7 contact hours. Addressing learning, behavioral, social, cultural issues that challenge students and teacher alike. See the Scope and Sequence.

Try it: Order a risk-free 30 day preview of the full program.

  Ripple Effects for Staff
  Scale and sustain with fidelity and adaptation

Anywhere. Anytime
  "We used Ripple Effects for Staff in the trainer training. It’s as intuitive as any software I've ever seen."
  Doris Settles
Kentucky Center for
School Safety Clearinghouse
& Certified Ripple Effects Trainer
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