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Future Kids NYC Teacher Curriculum
Futurekids offers a variety of comprehensive technology professional development courses designed to train educators in the basic fundamentals of computer literacy, the application of technology in the workplace, curriculum integration, and classroom management with technology. Our technology professional development courses address core technology areas, from operating systems, Internet, multimedia and graphics, to word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, database, and applied technology.
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  Infusing PDA Technology
  Infusing PDA Technology into Curriculum is a unique one day, 6-hour course that provides educators PDA training, with all the tools necessary for learning the operation and capabilities of the PDA and for integrating this exciting technology into K-12 classrooms. Available both online and through instructor-led classes, Infusing PDA Technology into Curriculum is full of easy-to-follow tutorials, interactive examples and invaluable resources.
  Many districts and schools are exploring cost-effective methods of expanding their education technology integration and are increasingly turning to turning to PDA's as flexible alternative to expensive computer labs, classroom computers and laptops. PDA's are versatile, compatible with most mainstream software and offer wireless connectivity.
  Infusing PDA Technology into Curriculum teaches educators the basic functions of the PDA and its ability to increase teacher and student productivity in the classroom. Using the Windows Pocket PC operating system, participants learn how to utilize fully the functionality of their PDA, to manage and coordinate both personal and professional activities and to develop and integrate subject-specific lessons for their individual classrooms.
  Infusing PDA Technology into Curriculum provides educators with class-ready sample PDA training projects, a process for PDA lesson creation and a broad range of tutorials, templates and web-based resources.
  Clearly, a cutting edge of educational technology involves PDA's in the classroom. Futurekids' Infusing PDA Technology into the Curriculum is the ideal way to lead the charge.
  For more information please contact us.
  Course Overview:
  Features and Functionality of the PDA - Overview
    Stylus use with the touch screen, setting up the PDA
    Setting the clock and date
    Entering owner information
    Establishing password protection, entering data on the handheld computer
    Block Recognized
    Letter Recognizer
  Synchronizing Information Between the PDA and a Computer
  Using the PDA as a Personal Organizer / Scheduler
    Using the Calendar and setting appointments
    Entering and accessing contacts
    Writing notes and reminders
    Establishing and managing a tasks list
  Using the PDA as a Pocket PC
    Using Pocket Word
    Using Pocket PC
    Using Microsoft Reader
    Using Media Player for Pocket PC
    Using MSN Messenger
  Using the PDA for E-mail and Web Browsing
    E-mail – Using the Inbox in Microsoft Outlook
    Browsing the Web with Pocket Internet Explorer
  Using the PDA in the Classroom
  Generating Possibilities
    Collaborative creativity – small group brainstorming
    Sharing ideas and generating a master list, sample lessons using the PDA
    A lower elementary reading lesson
    An upper elementary mathematics lesson
    A high school English lesson, classroom lesson creation using the PDA: A Process Model
    Presentation of a sample process for lesson creation
    Discussion of ways to modify and adapt sample to individual needs
  Evaluation of Student Performance Using Technology in the Classroom
    Discussion of data-driven decision making process using technology input
    Examination of rubric for student evaluation of technology use,finding and using resources for the handheld computer summary and course evaluation
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