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Future Kids NYC Teacher Curriculum
Futurekids offers a variety of comprehensive technology professional development courses designed to train educators in the basic fundamentals of computer literacy, the application of technology in the workplace, curriculum integration, and classroom management with technology. Our technology professional development courses address core technology areas, from operating systems, Internet, multimedia and graphics, to word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, database, and applied technology.
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Learn IT - Teach IT
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  Learn IT - Teach IT
  Learn IT Teach it is a self-paced course and valuable educator's resource, imaged on the laptops, that helps each teacher expand his/her technology skills, develop an engaging curriculum, and create a compelling learning experience. Learn IT Teach IT content can assist each teacher in becoming a proficient user of Microsoft® Office, Windows® XP digital media capabilities, the Microsoft Encarta® multimedia encyclopedia, and more. Plus, you'll discover exceptional ideas to bring learning to life.
  Course Objectives:
    Computer overview
    Computer maintenance and troubleshooting
    Internet use
    Microsoft Office software
  Topics Covered:
    Getting Help
    Personalizing Your Computer
    Installing Hardware and Software
    Working with Files and Folders
    Adding Printers and Printing Files
    Working in a Network Environment
    Using the Internet
    Working Offline
    Communicating with E-Mail
    Protecting Data
    Taking Care of Your Computer
    Creating a Word Document
    Changing the Look of a Document
    Presenting Information in Tables and Columns
    Proofreading and Printing a Document
    Getting to Know Excel
    Making Changes to Your Workbook
    Performing Calculations on Data
    Focusing on Specific Data Using Filters
    Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
    Working with a Presentation
    Adding and Modifying Slide Text
    Printing a Presentation
    Working with E-Mail
    Managing E-Mail Messages
    Customizing E-Mail Messages
    Managing Your Calendar
    Scheduling and Managing Meetings
    Getting Started with Word
    Working with Text
    Formatting and Designing a Document
    Proofreading, Printing, and Web Conversion
    Getting to Know Excel
    Working with Format and Design
    Calculating and Organizing Data
    Finalizing for Print and Web Use
    Getting to Know
    Simplifying Data Entry with Forms
    Locating Specific Information
    Working with Reports
    Getting Started with PowerPoint
    Adding and Editing Slide Contents
    Working with Design and Formatting
    Finishing and Sharing a Presentation
    Working with E-Mail Messages in Outlook
    Customizing and Organizing E-Mail
    Managing Calendar Items and Tasks
    Keeping Track of Information
    Creating and Printing Publications with Publisher
    Creating Web Sites and E-Mail Messages with Publisher
    Working with and Designing InfoPath Forms
    Working in the Document Workspace
    Teaming Up in the Meeting Workspace
  Additional Resources:
    Microsoft Office Application Tutorials
    How to Tips
    Lesson Plans
    Virtual Classroom Tours
    Clip Art
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