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Future Kids NYC Teacher Curriculum
Futurekids offers a variety of comprehensive technology professional development courses designed to train educators in the basic fundamentals of computer literacy, the application of technology in the workplace, curriculum integration, and classroom management with technology. Our technology professional development courses address core technology areas, from operating systems, Internet, multimedia and graphics, to word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, database, and applied technology.
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  Foundations in Teacher Technology
  Foundations in Teacher Technology Education is a comprehensive, 45-hour course designed to train educators in the basic fundamentals of computer literacy, separately available in both K-8 and High School versions. The course is not designed to make participants experts on a specific software application, but rather to familiarize them with the basic concepts of operating systems, Internet, word processing, graphics, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, databases and multimedia.
  Both K-8 and High School versions are activity-oriented, relevant to the appropriate grade levels of the teachers involved, individually responsive and fun. Professional tasks (keeping grade books, creating lesson plans and communicating with various educational groups) and classroom teaching (complementing the current curricula) are addressed. Basic skills, methodology and pedagogy are covered at theoretical and applied levels.
  The program's content is based on the ISTE standards for computer technology literacy. Its proprietary methods are focused on a combination of project-based thematic learning strategies, which address skill development in the authentic contexts of the participants while attending to the personal attitudes and perceptions associated with learning new technology skills.
  The course can be customized to meet the individual skill levels of participants, and the goals and objectives of the group. The course includes:
    Pre-assessment, embedded evaluation, post-assessment and electronic portfolio creation
    Comprehensive final report
    3 Graduate credits or 4.5 CEUs
  Topics Covered:
  The program's content is based on the ISTE standards for computer technology literacy. The program focuses on project-based thematic learning strategies while keeping in mind the participants' personal attitudes and perceptions associated with learning new technology skills.
  Computer Basics
    Discuss commonly held opinions about education technology
    Describe important events in the history of educational technology
    Understand the development of the personal computer
    Understand the development of software used in education
    Define common computer terms
    Demonstrate the proper use of a computer
    Demonstrate the proper handling of a CD-ROM
    Use the mouse to click, point and drag
    Launch and exit a software application
    Use menus, icons and buttons within a software application
    Locate information within a multimedia encyclopedia
    Print a document
  Operating Systems
    Identify the components of a computer system
    Understand the relative storage capacity of a kilobyte, a megabyte and a gigabyte
    Understand read-only memory (ROM) and random-access memory (RAM)
    Identify input and output devices
    Launch the operating system and application software
    Introduce the components of the computer desktop
    Move and resize windows
    Minimize, restore and maximize windows
    Customize a computer desktop through the Control Panel
    Organize files and folders on a hard disk drive
    Create and use a shortcut to an application
    Open, edit and save a document
    Format a floppy disk
    Transfer files from the hard disk drive to a floppy disk
    Create, rename and delete files and folders
    Understand the importance of backing up files
    Define terms related to the Internet
    Describe the history of the Internet
    Create and send electronic mail
    Read messages posted on an Internet discussion group
    Use an education-related chat room on the Internet
    Enter an address to locate a specific Web site
    Explore various sites on the World Wide Web
    Use hyperlinks in Web pages
    View educational resources on the World Wide Web
    Use a search engine to locate information on the World Wide Web
    Describe good search techniques
    Examine educational Web sites
    Critically evaluate a Web site
  Word Processing
    Create a document
    Open, print and save documents
    Change text font and size
    Enter and edit text
    Use the Find function
    Cut, copy, and paste text
    Modify the alignment and line spacing of text
    Bold, italicize and underline text
    Create headers and footers
    Insert footnotes
    Add bullets to a list
    Modify a document’s margins
    Create a table
    Insert clipart images
    Use the Spell Check, Grammar and Thesaurus functions
    Distinguish between bitmap graphics and object-oriented graphics
    Use graphics tools to create and modify images
    Create shapes and lines
    Change the colors of an image
    Create a gradient
    Modify the layers of objects
    Group and ungroup objects
    Select and erase a portion of a graphic
    Rotate and flip graphics
    Move and resize graphics
    Group and ungroup multiple graphics
    Create graphical text effects
    Duplicate images
    Insert and modify clipart
    Crop an image
    Create shadows and 3-D effects
    Identify the parts of a spreadsheet
    Locate a cell by its column and row position
    Select a cell and a range of cells
    Enter data into a cell
    Modify row heights and column widths
    Enter a formula into a cell
    Use a function within a formula
    Use the Fill function
    Insert rows and columns
    Select fonts and styles
    Modify the number format of a cell
    Graph spreadsheet data using a pie chart and a column chart
    Format a chart
    Add color and shading
    Print a spreadsheet
    Use absolute and relative cell references
    Enter an If…then statement into a spreadsheet
    Insert a header into a spreadsheet
  Advanced Spreadsheets
    Modify the size and position of a chart
    Use multiple sheets within a spreadsheet file
    Change the scale of a chart
    Create a graph with two X axes or two Y axes
    Sort data within a spreadsheet
    Modify the colors and text of a chart
    Analyze, interpret and chart data
    Create formulas to calculate sums, differences and averages
    Create a bar, column and line chart
  Educational Software Usage and Evaluation
    Discuss use of a computer lab versus the use of a classroom computer
    Identify categories of educational software
    Describe criteria for evaluating educational software
    Discuss different methods for evaluating software
    Critically evaluate an educational software application
  Desktop Publishing
    Define terms related to desktop publishing
    Use a wizard to create a document
    Alter the zoom percentage of a document
    Create a text frame and enter text
    Insert clipart into a document
    Incorporate graphics from a multimedia encyclopedia
    Align objects within a document
    Layer objects
    Add a border to a page
    Modify font, font size and style
    Move between multiple pages within a document
    Link text frames
    Create and format a table
    Insert page numbers into a multi-page document
    Create and modify a picture frame
    Modify how text wraps around a graphic
    Define terms related to databases
    Create a database
    Move between records and fields
    Enter and edit information in a database
    Change a field’s number format and data type
    Hide and reveal selected records and fields
    Locate records that match criteria
    Add fields and records
    Protect a database
    Insert and delete records
    Use appropriate database views
    Sort database records
    Find and replace data
    Merge information from a database into a word processing document
  Advanced Databases
    Perform a multiple-field sort
    Add a graphic to a database form
    Create, format and print reports
    Change the row height and column width of a report
    Perform mathematical functions based on selected data
    Add borders and shading to a report
    Analyze and interpret data
    Perform advanced queries using and, or & not
    Create a linear multimedia presentation
    Insert sound and video
    Add clipart images to slides
    Animate text and objects
    Alter slide timings
    Add transitions between slides
    Create buttons and hot spots
    Modify the background of and change the order to slides
    Create a branching multimedia presentation
    Play a multimedia presentation
  Integrated Unit Design
    Complete an “open-computer” technology examination
    Discuss classroom goals
    View a sample technology-infused unit
    Practice integrating technology into a sample unit
    Review and discuss the Integrated Unit project
  Integrated Unit Presentation
    Finish the Integrated Unit project
    Present the completed integrated units to the class
    Assess technology skills acquired throughout the course
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