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Future Kids NYC Teacher Curriculum
Futurekids offers a variety of comprehensive technology professional development courses designed to train educators in the basic fundamentals of computer literacy, the application of technology in the workplace, curriculum integration, and classroom management with technology. Our technology professional development courses address core technology areas, from operating systems, Internet, multimedia and graphics, to word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, database, and applied technology.
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  Infusing Technology
  Infusing Technology into Curriculum is offered both as a 2 day, 12-hour face-to-face course, and/or as an 8-hour online, professional development course, designed to provide educators with the resources and practical tools to integrate education technology. For Elementary grades, this curriculum addresses both interdisciplinary and single subject learning activities. For Middle and High School levels, four specific content areas are covered:
    Social Studies
  This class enables educators to develop an effective process and strategy for education technology integration into a specific curriculum area and to make use of classroom methodology. Participants are exposed to a variety of exemplary technology-infused classroom projects that address national, state, and local content standards including the National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE), National Council for Teachers of Math (NCTM), National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) and performance indicators from the Technology Standards International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Class members work collaboratively and independently to construct their own integrated projects for use in the classroom and share them with their peers. In addition, a education technology integration rubric is provided to assist in providing meaningful feedback on the projects. Participants leave the course with a set of adaptable lessons, a variety of evaluative tools to determine their effectiveness and student performance, a plan for creating original content and a wide range of resources and tutorials to use and share.
  Course Objectives:
    Select and use appropriate technology to gather and synthesize data and to create and communicate knowledge
    Use content-specific tools, software and simulations to support and enhance the study, analysis and interpretation of data
    Develop and enhance skills needed through the selection and use of appropriate tools and technology
    Use technology tools to compile, synthesize, produce and disseminate information, to generate ideas and questions, and to identify problems and pose solutions
    Design, develop, publish and present multimedia products that demonstrate and communicate an understanding of subject matter
    Access local, state and national standards and correlate them to specific education technology integration lessons
    Develop a process for technology lesson creation
    Create technology-infused lessons and projects that will support their teaching
    Correlate technology applications with course content material
  Topics Covered:
  Sample Projects
    Personalizing the Course of Study
    Technology Integration Classroom Projects
    Project Analysis Form
    Standards and Performance Indicators
    Web Addresses: Departments of Education
    Lesson Plans on the Web
    Education Technology Integration Activities on the Web
    Professional Development Sites on the Web
    Overviews and Tutorials for Productivity Applications
    Troubleshooting Guide
  Participant Materials
    20 Subject-Specific Sample Projects
    Examples and Process Guidelines
    CD-ROM that Contains Adaptable Templates, Samples, Rubrics and Tutorials
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