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Future Kids NYC Teacher Curriculum
Futurekids Teacher Curriculum will enable teachers to become proficient in the latest software technology for better skills teaching. Please browse through our current curriculum offerings.
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  Infusing Technology
  Infusing Technology Self-Study Guides provide a step-by step process for teachers to integrate education technology into their own curriculum and classrooms. There are four guides available for teachers of middle and high school students:
    Infusing Technology into Language Arts
    Infusing Technology into Science
    Infusing Technology into Mathematics
    Infusing Technology into Social Studies
A guide is also available for elementary teachers:
    Infusing Technology into Elementary Curriculum
See below for a sample of our Infusing Technology lessons:
Infusing Technology Lessons
 Infusing Technology   Sample Lesson  
  Language Arts   for Grades 9-11
  Math   for Grades 7-10
  Science   for Grades 7-10
  Social Studies   for Grades 7-10
  Using Microsoft Office, XP, 2003, 2007 or Open Office software, each Infusing Technology Guide provides teachers with ten ready-to-use classroom technology projects, complete with electronic templates, teacher guides, and student handouts. These projects can be easily adapted for immediate use in the classroom. Teachers then evaluate these projects, as preparation for developing their own. The Guide offers a proven clear, step-by-step process for developing their own technology-infused projects, beginning with their existing instructional resources and based on their own curriculum and students' needs.
  The Infusing Technology Self-study Guides come with a comprehensive CD-ROM, which includes electronic templates, samples, handouts, and lesson plans.
  In addition, each book in the Infusing Technology Self-study series provides a wealth of valuable teacher technology curriculum resources. Internet sites focusing on specific content-area lesson plans, education technology integration and professional development are also included, as are samples of project evaluation and student performance rubrics. An extensive appendix in each book contains practical software tutorials for all Microsoft Office, XP, 2003, 2007 or Open Office applications, a troubleshooting guide, and a glossary.
  For more information on Foundations in Teacher Technology Product Materials, Click Here >>>
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