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Future Kids NYC Teacher Curriculum
Futurekids Teacher Curriculum will enable teachers to become proficient in the latest software technology for better skills teaching. Please browse through our current curriculum offerings.
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  Mac 2 PC Transition Guide
  The Mac 2 PC Transition Course is a one day, 6-hour comprehensive course designed to train professional educators in the fundamentals of moving to the Microsoft Windows environment. Developed with input from experienced facilitators and curriculum designers, the Mac 2 PC Transition Course is tailored to meet the needs of today's teachers. This unique perspective assures that the skills learned throughout the course will be readily applicable to all school learning environments.
  The training is not designed to make participants experts in Microsoft Windows XP, nor does the curriculum involve an in-depth study of specific software applications; rather, the goal of the course is to familiarize teachers with the basic concepts of the Windows operating system, while guiding them through the transition from the Mac OS to Microsoft Windows XP.
  The Mac 2 PC Transition Guide may be used for independent, self-study learning; or serve as the foundation for the on-site, instructor-facilitated course. Regardless of the learning format, this curriculum will support teachers of all ability levels in transferring skills and moving smoothly from the Mac OS to a Windows XP environment.
  Topics Covered:
    An Overview of MS Windows XP
    Operating System Comparison
    Working with Windows
    Customizing Windows
    The PC Mouse
    Exploring the Control Panel
    The Start Menu as Central Control
    Using Windows Explorer to Create, Organize and Move Files and Folders
    Managing and Filing Folders for Greater Efficiency
    Application Basics - Launching, Shortcuts and Other Useful Commands
    File Organization and Backup Procedures
    Accessibility Options for Everyone, Including Those with Disabilities
    Windows XP Help and Support
    Efficiency Practices - Systems Tools and Task Scheduler
    Internet Explorer - Getting Started and Customization
    Using Auto Launch
    Basic Troubleshooting
    Practical Issues Discussion
    Review and Reflection
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